Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Life is full of risks

One of the reasons why life is difficult is because life is full of risks.

You can be waiting for the ferry at a ferry terminal and the entire terminal can simply collapse and kill many.

You can be happily dining with friends at a roadside stall and a car can simply plough into the diners and kill many.

You can be happily shopping in a departmental store and it can simply collapse and kill many.

You can dancing to loud disco music and a fire can break out and engulf the entire disco and kill many.

You can be sitting in your living room in your posh condominium block and it can simply collapse and kill many.

You can be sitting by the beach watching the waves and a tsunami can hit and kill many.

The suddenness in death of these many people reminds us of the uncertainty of life.

Indeed, it depicts clearly our own mortality and lays bare our vulnerability and the fraility of humanity. We are really frail children of dust and feeble as frail.

Even if we decide to draw close to someone,there is always the risk that he/she will move away, leaving you more painfully alone than before.

Love something - a pet, a person, a plant and it will die.

Trust somebody and you may be hurt, depend on someone and you may be let down.

Indeed if you determined in life not to risk again, you will have to do without many things:
no children, no marrying, no ambition, friendship - all the things that make life meaningful and significant.

Move in any direction and the pain and joy are yours as a reward!

A full life is sometimes full of pain.But the only alternative is not to live fully or not to live at all!

There was a man who lived but never tried;
for he was afraid to die
He never did and never tried;
So when he died, his insurance was denied;
For how could he have lived if he never died?


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