Friday, January 14, 2005

Sharing our world with others

It usually takes a lot out of us to lay bare our lives for others to see, our warts and all.

Honest sharing with others about who we really are and what has taken place in our lives allow us to deal with the issue of ownership of our problems.

"If you and I can honestly tell each other who we are, that is, what we think,judge,feel,value,love,honour and esteem,hate,fear,desire,hope for, believe in and are committed to, then and then only can each of us grow.Then and then alone can each of us be what he really is,say what he really thinks,tell what he really feels,express what he really loves.This is the real meaning of authenticity as a person,that my exterior truly reflects my interior.It means I can be honest in the communication of my person to others.And this I cannot do unless you help me.Unless you help me, I cannot grow,or be happy,or really come alive.

I have to be free and able to say my thoughts to you, to tell you about my judgments and values,to expose you to my fears and frustrations,to admit to you my failures and my shames, to share my triumphs,before I can really be sure what it is that I am and can become.I must be able to tell you who I am before I can know who I am. And I must know who I am before I can act truly, that is, in accordance with my true self."
---John Powell,'Why Am I Afraid to Tell You Who I Am?'

So if you have not shared with others who you really are, then how did you risk, or not risk, sharing?


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