Friday, January 28, 2005

The tears of life

All of us have shed tears some time or another in our life.The reasons are different for each one of us. Some times we do not even know the reason why.

One poet bares her thoughts on tears:

Tears of Life

Throughout my life I think I have cried enough to fill a river.
And by the time God calls me homeI think the tears will fill forever.

A newborn's tears of innocence to toddler's tears of learning.
These are the kind to be expected
And mama or papa's kisses are mending.

But when you reached the age of life
where nothing seems to ever go right,
We lay in bed, curled under the covers
and cry and cry on through the night.

The trials and pains of learning love
cause heartache beyond compare.
And when you find that one true love
the heart takes on a different despair.

Tears of innocence and learning,
Tears of love and laughter, pain and sorrow-
-now must be turned inwards and hidden
Or saved until tomorrow.

But turning it to the inside
where no one else can see,
Makes the tears flow even faster
And shows me how alone I may just be.

A single tear falls from my eye,
and rolls on down my cheek.
I wonder what it is I did wrong.
A life of comfort is all I seek.

I must remember that life is balanced,
there is an equal share of bad and good.
My tears are not just my own anymore
but shared by those who understood.

I'm not alone, nor ever was.
It was hard to see through teary eyes.
These are the tears of life
God will wipe each one dry.

--LadyJai (c) December 2004

When was the last time that we cry?

When was the last time that something tugs within us inside and cause us to shed a tear?


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