Saturday, January 15, 2005

What is it that makes life worth living?

What is it that makes life worth living?

Is it the hustle and bustle of everyday getting up and going to work?
Is it the work itself?
Or is there something deeper that fulfills our lives?

Many of us may simply find ourselves wondering on such things.

Many wonder but they do not understand just how important life and the experience of life are.

We take for granted many things that are of great import and worth. We watch a lot of shows that deal with drama. One of the actors in a drama said that “drama is life, and the characters that fill life.”

Life is nothing, if not for the interactions between living beings. Not to mention that a meaningful life is one that touches the lives of others. Take for example the doctor that has treated three generations of families in a small town. He knows every scrape, cut, bruise, and story for hundreds of grown-ups and children alike. How can one measure the effect this one person has had on the lives of others or their effect on him?

Dr. Deborah Tannen says we are, after all, social creatures. We define our reality by our perceptions. Those perceptions use words.And the choice of our words are important.

Have you ever caused someone’s perceptions to change?

Have you effected change in your community?

You probably have and don’t even know it.

A kind word or a smile goes a long way and we do not really know how far it goes. However, actions play a role as well. Our body language, demeanour and physical appearance can either make someone feel at ease or become guarded and abrasive.

So what are the things that make life worth living?

I guess it could be said that life itself is what makes it worth living. We take joy in a variety of things that fill the life we lead. We may love to read, write, sing, dance, or even just stand in the bright open space to feel the wind on our face. The point is not what gives us joy, but that joy exists in so many different forms.

We must learn to just watch life happen. It is an amazing thing what poetry, art, nor music can ever seem to capture.

I guess the conclusion would be that while what we find enjoyable in our lives may vary, we all still have something.

A friend pointed out that we all experience joy in different ways, but still share joy.

Perhaps it is like a movie or a good book. Everyone watches the same picture or reads the same story. However, each person takes something different away from the experience.

It is the experience itself that matters.

Have you examine some of your own personal experiences in this light?


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