Thursday, February 17, 2005

Changing our lives

"Not being able to govern events,I govern myself, and apply myself to them, if they will not apply themselves to me. "
~Michel de Montaigne, Essays, 1588

We can change our life for the better ONLY by improving ourelves. No affirmation, no magical formula, no mystical procedure can make any human being better than his/her own conduct will justify.

This means that our conduct or choices and behavior towards others will turn into a reflection on how we expect to be treated.You give, you get, and that does not discriminate, words (whether naughty or nice) are also included.

We can believe in divine love until the end of time, but if we continue to criticize and nag and sustain strong prejudices and intolerances, affirmations are of no avail.

If we can move mountains with our faith but we do not have love, then what good does that do?


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