Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Making our life more difficult

Do you want to make life more difficult for yourself?

Just promise yourself to break a long-standing habit or change one of the less desirable parts of your character, and you'll have enough mental and emotional trouble to last for quite a while.

And yet, we humans are built so that we can never be quite satisfied with ourselves if we are not changing, learning new things, growing in new ways. Not only does life become uninspiring if we always do everything the way we've always done it; but there are parts of ourselves that just plain need changing.

There are parts of ourselves that are hurtful both to ourselves and to the people around us. For example, even though you use the excuse that you have to stay up late because you have so much work to do, you end out getting less done, because you are tired the next day and work much less efficiently than you do when you have had a good night's sleep.

Besides, like anyone whose batteries are running on empty, you can get downright grumpy and hard to live with when you haven't had enough sleep.

So we humans will keep on making our resolutions--and breaking them almost as often as we make them. Every once in a while, we will actually succeed in changing something about our lives--and that will give us the boost we need to keep going.

If it's something significant, the change usually won't happen until we've made several false starts, and then done a lot of struggling, praying to God, and turning to others for help in overcoming our old habits.

Change makes life more difficult. But if the change is for the better, the difficulty will be only for the short run; then the benefits will take over, and bless us for the long run.

Sometimes, however, the promises and resolutions we make for ourselves aren't so wise in the first place. Sometimes even with the best of intentions, we make life unnecessarily more difficult for ourselves.

So do we actually make life more dificult for ourselves?


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