Friday, February 04, 2005

When tragedy strikes

When a great tragedy strikes then we must do the best we can and recover.

Under any tragic circumstances, to affirm life is both an act of defiance as well as one of healing.

If we are to endure what has happened, then we have to wholeheartedly embrace our vitality. We must delight in our children. Fall in love with our spouses all over again. Bask in our beautiful September sun.

Act out passion with our hearts, minds, and bodies. Laugh and cry with friends. Rejoice in our accomplishments. And experience all the way down to our bones the strength we build as we turn to one another in our sorrow.

Otherwise, we have nothing to harvest from this experience of tragedy but trauma and misery.

Closing our hearts and numbing our pain is all too tempting, but it is the way to despair.

To embrace our lives and appreciate our blessings is to create sanity and hope in a world turned up-side-down.

Can we allow these people and these events to forever darken our lives?


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