Friday, March 11, 2005

Creative visualization

"Cleanse your mind with the soap of concentration, and wash it with the water of meditation. "
~Remez Sasson

Could it be that our dreams are right around the corner?

Or are they further than we think,because we envision them that way?

Creative visualization is the natural process of the power of thoughts. We can use this tool to attract things to us. For example, a certain kind of car, but most importantly, be specific.

It might be someone else's car that you like. Being specific allows us to hold onto the dream.

So instead of saying, " Money come to me", say, "Money follows me everywhere I go. "

Doesn't that sound more permanent?

When you have to confront someone in an unpleasant situation do you visualize yourself handling it comfortably and easy?

If you do see the other person as co-operative and friendly, chances are they will be.

Why not give this a try?


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