Sunday, March 20, 2005

Tough times

As we begin to pay attention to our own stories and what they say about us, we will enter into the exciting process of becoming, as we should be, creator of our own possibilities, author of our own life.

When times get tough and the going gets tougher, then it will be a good example of the expression, "what separates the men from the boys".

Many times, both the men, boys ,women and children got taken out.

Thus we must learn to be able to withstand the hostility and the adversities.

In times of troubles, most people's emotions will undergo a roller coaster ride.

So if you are not convinced that your beliefs and principles work, maybe you are at the right place at the wrong time, but definitely not at the wrong place at the right time.

So do we get taken out by the tough times or do we become tough people to outlast the tough times?


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