Saturday, March 05, 2005

The way to learn sometimes

"Do not be discouraged by what you do not know— but be encouraged by what you can learn." — Unknown

Do we learn to create or create to learn?

Creativity, clearly, will not flourish in an environment which is not dedicated to change.

Learning, therefore,is a critical issue.

Learning, now, must mean a greater ability to processand synthesize new information - information that leads, not backward to data, but forward to understanding andwisdom.

The accelerated rate at which change (without fear) is occurring requires that human beings somehow become capable of handling increasing complexity with a fluidity and appetite for constant discovery instead of a need to categorize and control.

We may even have to set aside what we know in order to learn.

So, do we have to empty ourselves of some knowledge before we can accept greater truths in life?


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