Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Does love exist?

Do you believe in love?

Once upon a time, there was a very intelligent, highly educated man who could prove that love did not exist. He spent much of his life searching for love, only to find that it didn't exist.

He would explain that it was invented to manipulate and have control over weak minded humans. His expression of love was that it was like a drug, it makes you very high, but it creates a strong need.

He used to say that relationships between lovers are just like a relationship between a drug addict and the one who provides the drug. The one that has the biggest need is like the drug addict, the one with the least need, is the provider.

Whatever example or logic he used, it was always very strong.He goes on and on explaining all the promises people believe and make because of love, and how eventually lead to emotional poisons, and resentment, and how we hurt each other in this process.

Eventually he finally convinces himself that he will not let go of his control and will not let his mind be manipulated.

One day while taking a walk, he came across a beautiful woman sitting on a bench crying.

Out of curiosity he asked her why she was crying?

Imagine how surprised he was when she explained that she was crying because love doesn't exist.

This was amazing! Of course he wanted to know more about her.

She explained," I married young, under all these illusions, full of hope, with love respect and honor.When one day, we lost respect for each other and hurt ourselves realizing there was no more love." she continues,"Why even search for love?"

Understanding her very well, he embraced her and said," you are right, love doesn't exist. We open our heart andwe become vulnerable, just to find selfishness. No matter how many relationships, the same thing happens again and again."

They were so much alike, they became best friends,respected each other, and they never put each other down.With every step they took together, they where happy.They enjoyed being together. There was no control, no jealousy. The relationship grew and grew.

One day when the man was out of town, he had the weirdest idea,"hmm, maybe what I feel for her is love?"This feeling was possible because there was no drama or issues as he previously thought about love.

Perhaps love does exist, but it's not what everybody thinks love is ?

He couldn't wait to tell her this idea.Sure enough as he was starting to tell her, she said," I know exactly what you are talking about, perhaps love does exist, but it isn't what we thought it was."

They decided to become lovers and live together.Nothing changed, even the simplest things continued tomake them happy. The man's heart was so full with love,that one night a great miracle happened.

He was looking at the stars and found the most beautiful one,and his love was so big that the star started coming down from the sky and soon that star was in his hands,and his soul merged with that star.

He was intensely happy,and could hardly wait to go to the woman to put that star in her hands. As soon as he put that star in her hands, she felt a moment of doubt.

This love was overwhelming,and from that moment, the star fell from her hands and broke into a million little pieces.

Now there is an old man walking around swearing that love doesn't exist.

And there is a beautiful old woman at home, waiting for a man, shedding a tear for a paradise she had in her hands, but for one moment of doubt, she let it go.

Who made the mistake?

Can you guess?

The mistake was made by the man thinking he could give the women HIS happiness.

Happiness never comes from outside of us. They were both happy because of the love coming out of them. But as soon as he made her responsible for his happiness, she broke the star because she could not be responsible for his happiness.

We base our happiness on someone else from day one, and it doesn't work that way.

We make all those promises we cannot keep, and we set ourselves up to fail.

How often do we make the same mistake in our life?


At 2:53 PM, Anonymous aanimec19 said...

this is pretty interesting, we are indeed responsible for each others' happiness, but every once in a while it is nice to rely on people you love and that love you back.


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