Thursday, April 14, 2005

Learning to let go

An important part of becoming healthy and staying in balance is letting go of tension, stress and deeply buried or surface negative emotions such as anger, frustration, fear, hurt, pain and hate.

I mentioned these so-called negative emotions because I have not yet found anyone who was ill or out of balance because he or she was living in or holding onto an abundance of joy and love. However, people are often ill because of the loss of joy and love from their lives; some have never known either of these emotions.

Although I always look at each person as a unique individual being, and never apply generalities to anyone, it is possible to recognize patterns and links between some illnesses and certain emotions or mix of emotions.

For example, lower backache, cancer, rheumatism, and irritable bowel syndrome are often linked with holding on to anger, pain and fear. I'm not suggesting that these illnesses are not very real in the body, but that letting go of these emotions is necessary to initiate and to allow the healing process to move towards completion.

If you are in perfect health and shape you have found ways to let go already or not to hold on to what you do not need. You let go quite naturally.

When you were young and carefree perhaps you let go of things more easily and never seemed to be ill; you were excited then and busy exploring life.

There is some truth in the idea of not having time to be ill, a philosophy that works for many people. But as time goes by, letting go is often not so easy or spontaneous.

Perhaps we simply do not make time for it; we get overloaded.

Some people become more relaxed once again in their older years. They live life from a more relaxed perspective believing that the smaller events and problems that they used to worry about are no longer really important: "Time is running out, might as well make the most of it!" Such sentiments are played then in their minds.

Letting go needs to be a part of your everyday life.

If you want to do something every day, a strong thought in your mind twice a day, such as "I am letting go of everything I no longer need," will be of enormous benefit.

You will also then get into the mental and physical habit of letting go more readily and easily. Because you will not have such a build-up in your body and mind to deal with all at once, you will find it easier to reach and recall past events and reactions that you need to let go of as well.

You will also then be clear more of the time and take in more of what you need and draw to yourself.

Taking control is a good positive step for letting go. When we do this, we feel good. Start with your surroundings. Take a good look at where you live and go through your possessions. Now throw away, sell, or give away everything you no longer need and everything that is broken or that you kept for a later day. You can always acquire material possessions again if you really need them.

Just by taking this small step you will be making space, not just in your home, but within yourself, because the place where you live or stay at this moment is a reflection of you. So make it the best and the most workable for you whether you intend to be in that space for a day or a lifetime. Make this action a part of your life especially when you feel stuck or when nothing much appears to be moving in your life. You will be delighted with the positive changes that you bring.

There are many ways to use everyday situations to clear your mind and being. For instance, motion is an easy and simple way to let go. If you are by a running stream or any kind of moving water, take a minute to gaze into the water and let yourself relax. Now imagine you are letting any stress and tension go with the water as it flows forward. Have the usual thought in mind once or twice: "I am letting go of everything I no longer need." This is all you need to do. You can do the same by simply repeating the process after turning on the cold-water tap. Just let yourself go for a few minutes until you feel that it is enough.

There is no proper or correct amount of time to let go. Only go with what you feel. Trust that there are parts of you at work that you may not feel in a physical way. After a while, you will notice that you feel relaxed, alert and generally more in tune and open to new thoughts and ideas.

Letting go is a vital ingredient in the healing and self-healing process.

Can we start to let go of some of the things in our life?


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