Friday, April 29, 2005

The road to success

Each of us want to be successful. How do we get on this road to success?

We first need to commit to creating success in your life starting from today.

**Here are some tips to get you started**

Trust that you have everything required to live an extraordinary life.

Choose goals that uplift your life and self-worth.

Write your goals down and put them in places where you can constantly see them (on your fridge, in the bathroom, on your car’s dashboard, in your bedroom, on your computer at work etc. etc.)

Talk to yourself like a winner = use positive self-talk.

Make a list of your talents and read it daily.

Expand your courage by taking risks.

Dare to be different (extraordinary people do extraordinary things)

Try new experiences often, this helps to feed your courage and erase fear .

Accept that "failures" will prevent success unless you see them as learning experiences .

Strive for excellence in your character and life-style

Use your imagination, there is no limit to who you can be and how you can live.

Identify where your power comes from (you or others) .

Do not depend on others to create successes in your life .

Own complete responsibility for establishing a successful life.

Do not let other people determine whether you will or will not succeed by giving your power away .

Find role models to study and read about.

Recognize that it is okay to be wrong and correct what is wrong in your life .

Refuse to give in to temptations that promise to destroy your mental and physical health, such as drugs abuse and excessive alcohol .

Say only honest, positive and beneficial things to yourself and others .

Refuse to be arrogant .

Refuse to be unkind .

Reward yourself often .

Play .


Using any of these steps will change your life.

Using all of them will literally transform you and make success inevitable .

Create your strategy for success today!

Do you want to start on this road to sucess today?


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