Saturday, April 02, 2005

A simple plan-A simple life

Living the simple life is not always an easy task.

In today's world of hustle, bustle and busy lives, the simple life can be hard to find.

It seems that the home can often become a rest stop to refresh a moment and then move onto the next activity.

Life can become too busy. Perhaps in your heart you would like life to be a little simpler.

You would like time to just "stop and smell the roses" but can't quite figure out how to get to that point.

Another down side to a life that is too busy is that I believe it can rob us of some of the greater joys of appreciating our homes. I believe that as we live this "life in the fast lane" we can become discontent.

How does a busy life make us discontent you may ask?

Well when life is too busy we find that that the home and family will suffer.

So we end up feeling discontent because things are not as we would desire them to be. Our homes are not functioning as though we are in control of our domain.

So we set out to make some changes.

We have an idea of what we might like our homes to be and begin to figure our ways to achieve this.

As we desire to make changes we start looking for ways to make our lives easier.

We think that easy and simple go hand-in-hand.

To me simplicity is not always wanting more stuff, but learning how to enjoy and appreciate what I have.

Simple living is not always easy living.

Simple living, to me, is taking a slower walk in life and appreciating the things that go to making our lives complete and fulfilling.

But a simple life can take more time.

A simple life is something one learns to love if it is a life that they desire to have.

Many simple living tasks have a multitude of blessing that go with them.

Living a simple life may require changes to the way we live.

I don't have a busy life outside my home. I have it this way on purpose. I am happiest when my life is simple and serene.

I am not saying that all outside activity needs to stop, that would unrealistic. But rather when life has too much going on, it is impossible to live a simple life.

I had to make very different choices in my life in order to achieve the goal of simple living.

But I am more content and more satisfied today than every before.

Do you have a simple life?


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