Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Steps to success

We all dream of success.

It is human nature to seek after those things that add quality, pleasure and ease to our lives.

We all want it, but few of us feel like we can achieve it.

To justify why we are not living the life of our dreams we often create excuses.

Do any of these sound familiar?

When do I have the time to work on my goals?

I am beyond any type of success.

My life is completely different from what I wanted it to be, so why bother.

My ________ (parent, spouse, job…) will not let me.

I am just too busy to add another thing to my life.

Where would I possibly get enough money to finance a new goal for myself?

Well, it is about time to put a stop to all these!

Stop the excuses. Stop the negative thinking. Stop setting yourself up for failure.

You can become successful and live well at the same time. (It is true!)

Most of us never learned the specific steps required to create success.

Are you familiar with the first two steps toward creating success?

Choose goals that satisfy your dreams and bring you happiness.

Believe in the possibility that these goals are achievable. Almost anything you dream of can become a reality.

Do these sound like unrealistic steps?

It may be because you are not allowing yourself to believe in the possibility that life is exactly what you make it. You alone create (and recreate) a life that is either great, so-so or downright awful.

Your success lies in your hands. "The fault, dear Brutus is not in the stars but in our hands..."

Blaming others for your lack of success is another excuse to avoid working towards those goals yourself. You can easily fall into this trap, especially when there is struggle in your life.

When you blame someone, you put him or her in charge of your life. This holds true whether you are successful or not. When you blame others, you hand over your personal power and the control over your destiny.

That is simply not acceptable. Why not?

Blame puts responsibility for your happiness and success in the hands of others. You and I have no idea whether they are committed or not to making you happy and successful.

That is your job.

Nothing prevents you from having everything you want out of life –except you.

Why not take your first step now?


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