Sunday, May 29, 2005

Are we successful?

Developing strategies for success will not only create a rich, powerful, happy existence
they will also help you sustain the abundance that comes with it.

We all hear of the get-rich quick, quick wealth, opportunity and fame that happen to some people.

We read about the drugs, booze, addictions that are often part of their life-styles.

We see the arrogant attitude and self-destructive behaviour some of these people have chosen.

The after-effects of their instant notoriety often leave them unhappy.

These people are often unprepared for over-night successes.

Rarely did they plan and prepare for what would happen. They just grabbed whatever they could without thinking of the consequences.

It was success thrust upon them. Many times they cannot handle it.

That is not a real definition of success.

I meet lots of successful people, the old-money rich, the new-money rich, the celebrity-rich, the suddenly-rich, the inheritance-rich,the criminal-rich, the corrupted-rich and those with other successes quite unrelated to money richness. One must not use money to measure wealth.

And I speak with them and ask them questions. From thir answers, I think these are the true hallmarks of success.

Success is the ability to have real fun and enjoy and share your toys.

Success is knowing that envy, fear, greed and the need to control things destroy opportunities.

Success is learning techniques that help create and sustain abundance.

Success is having a strategy that takes advantage of whatever opportunity presents itself.

Success is learning from successful role models.

Success is knowing you deserve everything you have.

Success happens because of persistence and commitment to your personal dream.

Success happens if you have high self-esteem and love for others.

Success is setting goals that reflect your dreams and desires.

Success is rewarding yourself often and sharing your rewards wisely.

Are we successful in our life?


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