Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Some friendly advice

I have learned many things these past five months or so when my life took on a different direction and opened my eyes to some things which I have missed out in the past.

Here are some of them and they can be some kind of friendly advice to all:

"In good times, do not be too excited, but foresee the downward slope; in bad times, do not be
dismayed, because it will turn around. "

"Nothing is stuck forever."

"Be kind and just to all. You may need it yourself too."

"Decrease the burden of the mind. Increase the unity of the body, mind, spirit. "

"Keep your body and mind moving and your spirit quiet."

"Strengthen your physical body; weaken your detrimental ambition. "

"Be non-impulsive. "

"Be egoless."

Isn't it surprising for us to realise how much we have learned if we take time to think through what we have gone through?


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