Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The negatives in your life

Too much pride will create loss; humility brings gain.

Many regrets are bound to come to those who are stiff-necked and obstinate.

Avoid insatiable covetousness.

Avoid endlessly gratifying your desires.

Avoid hating or resisting the faithful and sincere.

Misery can be overcome if one is determined to do so.

Beware of the moment when the highest degree of joy is reached, because sorrow is sure to come; likewise, too much pleasure will bring about sadness.

Do not envy other people's success.

He who bears an insult gains advantage.

Dissolving a moment's anger may save you many years of regret.

Climbing a mountain to capture a tiger is easier than capturing the tiger of one's own passion.

Do you have these negatives in your life?


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