Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Get past your limitations

When you push yourself a little bit past your limitations, you're not merely pushing yourself forward. You are also pushing your limitations back.

When you give your best to the effort, and then give just a little more, it moves you squarely to a higher level of performance.

Over time, those little extra efforts add up to make a big difference.

What were once peaks, soon become valleys.

What was once unimaginable, soon comes within reach.

Can you find a way to be just one percent more effective today than yesterday?

It's really not that much, and probably well within your reach, yet consider what an astonishing difference it can make.

If you start today,and add just one percent to your efforts each day, after only seventy days your effectiveness will be fully double what it is now.

Imagine that.

Imagine that, and then put it to work for you.

Nudge a little past your limitations, again and again,and soon those limitations will be a thing of the past.

Do you want to get past your limitations?


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