Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Just trust me

On the surface most people do not appear to be trustworthy and trusting.

Many people seem to be anxious and fearful, driven by anxieties,needs,and wishes.

These needs and wants obscure people's ability to trust others and to be trustworthy themselves.

Yetwhen two people come to know each other very well, they establish trust together.

It takes time, effort, and a suitable enviroment to build a trustworthy relationship,yet people do it all the time.

The demands and requirements for establishing self-trust,however,are much greater.

Normally people are unwilling to investigate the nature of self-trust.

It requires a thorough knowledge of the self and total self honesty.

Self- examination must be objective and selfless.

To be trustworthy is to place trust in oneself as well as others without prejudice, and to comply fully with that trust.

Can you say to someone else,"Just trust me?"


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