Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Almost there...

Even when it seems that you're not making progress, you most likely are.

The biggest breakthroughs often come after a long period of being stuck.

If you're making a focused,determined effort, then you are making positive progress, even if you can't see it yet.

Keep going, for the breakthrough will come.

It is impossible to create value without receiving value in return.

Keep working to create value, and the value you seek will come to you in time.

Your next bit of effort may be what finally makes everything start falling into place.

You may already be so close to the goal that you can almost touch it.

Keep going, for your efforts will pay off.

Keep on acting with purpose, with focus and commitment.

The path to the top of the mountain of accomplishment will grow steeper as you near the summit.

When the going gets difficult, keep going, for it means you're almost there.

Are you almost there?


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