Monday, August 15, 2005

Another door opens

When your path is blocked, it's likely that you've just encountered a grand opportunity.

When what you were planning doesn't go as you planned, it can put you on your way to something even better than you first imagined.

Sure, it's nice when everythingin your day and in your world goes smoothly and according to plan. Yet when the difficult,unexpected challenges arise, then you truly have a chance to shine.

When one door is suddenly slammed shut on you, it forces you to seek out and open another door.

Behind that other door there could very well be a whole, big, wonderful world filled with astounding richness.

If things are going along nicely, you probably will not want to venture very far from what is familiar and comfortable.

Yet when you suddenly run up against a brick wall,it can compel you to a higher level of performance.When a challenge suddenly looms, you'll find yourself calling upon skills and capabilities you may have never used before. And once you've used those new skills they do not go away, but in fact become even stronger and more accessible to you.

Challenges are life's way of showing you that you can be stronger, more capable, more creative, more highly focused than you ever would have thought.

When life does not go as you had wanted, that's your golden opportunity to make it even better.

Do you see that sometimes when a door closes, another one opens?


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