Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Life is free

Words are words, they are not life.

Words are used to draw lines and describe concepts.

Life is not a concept, nor is it divided or explained by words. Words cause nonsense.

Life is lived, not described.

Words separate things: There is life/death, difficult/easy, long/short, high/low ... and all points in between.

Music comes from varying tones. No sane person can determine the law of life, the way of life in between these points.

No one knows the way, or what will or should happen next.

How can a leader be important and show the way when they are limited.

Never be important.

Good government comes from many people who live by their hearts and not some important person's rule and direction based on their limited knowledge.

The Universe can take care of itself. It does not need important people.

People go crazy arguing about the Universe, though it has taken care of itself very long.

Life is free -- the more you breathe, the more breath is left to breathe.

The Universe is deathless.

A human is like this also. They take care of themselves.

There is an inherent undertone and current of health and integrity which takes care of a person.

Are you living Life itself?


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