Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Our thoughts

What a waste.

It could be the leftovers you had for lunch or dinner,but what about thoughts?

Have you ever thought about how alert you are when in a deep thought.

First, always include your heart, mind and soul; keeping them together without any seperation.

Second, always be alert when you fall into thought and your peaceful mind is disturbed.

As soon as you wake up from the flow of thoughts, use that point of awakening to unite with the beginning point of the thoughts.

When a point starts moving, it produces time and space.

If it stops moving, then it does not produce experience or time in the common sense.

It is not necessary to have the feeling of concrete gravity, but it is important to make the beginning of two thoughts immediately hit each other to stop further wasteful thinking.

Third is to remove the clouds without removing the bright moon.

Fourth is to cut away all extremes and remain in the center.

Do you waste your thoughts?


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