Friday, August 05, 2005


When troubles come toward you, let peace come from you.

When the world is filled with anger,frustration and confusion, that is when a peaceful heart can be the most valuable. The more peaceful you are, the more effective you become.

When yourheart is filled with peace, your energy is more positively and purposefully focused.

The longer you remain peaceful, the stronger you become.

Peace on the inside thus leads to real, meaningful success on the outside.

You can choose to carry peace within you, no matter what may be happening around you.

Let the calm, deep power of peace energize your spirit and it will surely make a difference.

With peace at your very core, your thoughts are clear and your actions filled with purpose.

Whatever the challenges of the moment may be, you have what it takes to move successfully through them.

Peace is something you can always choose to carry confidently inside you.

The more you do, the more moments you'll fill with purpose and meaning.

Do you have peace inside?


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