Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A positive force

Today, you can be a positive force in a negative world.

Today, you have the opportunity to truly make a difference.

When you come across greed, incompetence, disrespect, despair, or injustice, don't simply get angry or frustrated. Instead, get busy.

Get busy thinking of what specific steps you can take to make it better.

Then get busy committing yourself and taking those steps.

You can't do anything to prevent what has alreadyhappened.

Yet you can do much, in your own way, to make your corner of the world a more peaceful, loving, creative, intelligent and caring place.

When you're tempted to curse the negativity that'sall around you, stop and remember that your cursingwill do little good.

Rather than focusing on what's wrong, step forward and do something that's overwhelmingly right. Improve your corner of the world, and that corner will grow more positively influential.

Keep on being a positive force, and little by little, you can create a great and wonderful transformation.

Won't you be a positive force today?


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