Thursday, August 11, 2005

What shall you do with it?

When the day is gray and gloomy, smile.

And you have just made the world a brighter place.

When faced with choosing between what is easiest and what is best, choose what is best.

And you have just raised the power of your focus to a new, more effective level.

When your efforts bring disappointing results, learn from what went wrong, then give it another shot.

And you have just set yourself up to come back even stronger.

When others criticize and oppose what you have done, thank them for their helpful feedback.

And you have just seen your efforts from a valuable new perspective.

When nothing seems to be going yourway, recommit yourself to positive, productive thoughts and actions.

And you have just taken control of your own destiny.

What matters most is not what life sends you.

What truly matters is what you do with it all.

So what shall you do with it?


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