Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Your attitude

Your attitude is not something you are stuck with forever.

You can change it whenever you wish.

Your attitude does not define you.

It does, however, represent you to the rest of the world.

Your attitude does not determine who you are.

It does, however, determine what you can accomplish.

Your attitude is not the inevitable result of events that happen to you or circumstances that surround you.

It is, instead, based on the way you choose to respond to the events and circumstances in your life.

You can choose an attitude that will open your eyes to the valuable possibilities.

You can choose an attitudethat will attract success and accomplishment to you like a magnet.

No matter what has happened in the past or where you are now, you are free to choose whatever attitude you wish.

So choose, in every moment, a positive,empowering attitude.

For that will always serve you best.

Do you need to change your attitude?


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