Thursday, September 29, 2005

One moment each time

There is nothing about the reality of this moment that can overwhelm you. If you feel overwhelmed, it is because you have, in this moment, given life to your disappointments of the past, or to your anxieties about the future.

Just imagine how effective you could be right now, in this moment, if you could free yourself from those burdens. And know that, in fact, you can.

What has come before, as overwhelming as it may seem, is over.

It exists only in your memory.

And what about the things that might or might not happen at some point in the future?

They have no power in this moment other than the power you choose to give them. Instead of fighting battles that are already over, use this moment to make the best of what is.

Rather than struggling against some imagined future, use your energy to create real, lasting value from what is here and now.

Live one moment at a time, with fullness, richness, strength and purpose.

And nothing will have the power to really overwhelm you.

Won't you live and cherish one moment each time in your life?


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