Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Respond with your heart

Your ego is ever anxious to react to whatever comes your way.

Yet there is always a much more powerful and effective course of action.

Instead of responding with your ego, respond to life with your heart.

Instead of allowing your actions to be driven by petty, superficial concerns, let those actions come from the center of your being.

Supporting the demands of your ego can quickly use up all your energy, time and resources.

In contrast, listening to and living out the yearnings of your true self will bring your life an ever-increasing abundance.

Ego will entice you with the promise of pleasure but will always end up robbing you of real joy.

Ego gives you only a hollow image that can all too easily be shattered into nothing.

The more you tune out the noisy ranting of your ego,the more you'll touch the deep and awesome value of your true self.

The more completely you leave your ego behind, the more power your efforts will have.

And live true to the unique, authentic and valuable person you are.

How often do you respond with your heart?


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