Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Today matters

Live today like it matters. Because it does.

There are people you'll never even know who will be influenced by what you do today.

So give this day your attention, your love, your very best.

There are ways that you cannot now imagine in which your own life will be influenced by the way you live this day.

So live it with integrity, enthusiasm and an eye for the positive possibilities.

The world in which you live will be affected by the way you make use of this day.

So fill your moments with thankfulness, imagination and joy.

Today matters, and right now you have the chance to make it matter in a most positive and fulfilling way.

Today is the day when your life is lived, and many things in your life will be determined by what you do with today.

If you take this whole day for granted, it will leave you with nothing but regret.

Yet it does not have to be that way.

Live today like it matters, for now is when you truly can.

Won't you make your life today a life that counts?


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