Sunday, October 09, 2005

It is in the small details

The small challenges give you the opportunity to build strength.

The big challenges give you the opportunity to make valuable use of that strength.

Small, simple efforts, repeated over and over again, give you the ability to undertake the bigger, more complicated efforts.

Making the most of every moment puts you in a position to achieve the very best with each day.

By paying attention to the details, you will discover and develop ways in which to positively and successfully influence the big picture.

By making sure that the mundane and tedious tasks are taken care of, you open the door to exciting, impressive and spectacular results.

Big achievements are always composed of many, many smaller achievements.

That is what makes real, substantial success available to anyone.

For anyone can begin the process by taking a modest positive step forward.

Take enough of those steps, and you can go anywhere you desire to go.

In every moment,in every situation, there is some small detail you can attend to,some small challenge that you can embrace.

Make a habit of always giving whatever you can, and you'll reach the point where you can achieve whatever you wish.

Have you taken care of the small details in your life?


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