Thursday, October 13, 2005

Purpose in your life

With a clear and meaningful purpose will come the motivation and the energy to follow that purpose.

When you are sure of the what and the why, you will find everything necessary to handle the how.

Do you have trouble staying motivated, or keeping yourself focused, or following through on your commitments?

With a compelling purpose, those troubles disappear.

Are you worried and anxious about how you will do what you need to do?

With a deep sense of purpose, those worries and anxieties give way to valuable,positive ideas and effective action.

There is a purpose, there is a why, that can bring every aspect of your life to higher and higher levels of performance and experience.

You have glimpsed that purpose in moments of pure joy, those times when everything in life just seemed to be flowing perfectly.

Dive deep into who you are and connect yourself to a purpose that is uniquely and overwhelmingly you.

Seek to know and live a purpose so positive, powerful and compelling that you cannot let go of it.

Already you have seen bits and pieces of that purpose at times, even if somewhat dimly.

Just imagine what you could do if you were to include that powerful purpose in every moment.

Imagine it, and then let yourself make it so.

Your highest and best purpose is ready to be lived.

Do you have such a purpose?


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