Friday, October 07, 2005

What will you do?

When you can't see how you will get it all done, the thing to do is to do what you can.

Even when it's difficult to imagine getting the job finished, the thing to do is to take the first step.

Creating something of value takes time and effort,the thing to do is to make that effort.

Getting beyond the difficult challenges will require persistence and diligence ,the thing to do is to keep going.

When you're not sure where to start, the thing to do is to find some action that will move you forward.

Even if you start slowly, it is much better than falling further behind.

When you don't know how you'll continue, the thing to do is to focus on the next effort.

The more diligently you work on it, the more good and valuable options you'll
see opening up to you.

Whatever may come your way, the thing to do is to make the most of all that you have to work with.

And every moment will move you closer to where you have chosen to go.

Do you now know what is thing to do to get on with your life?


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