Monday, October 17, 2005

Your assumptions

There are some assumptions that you have no choice but to make,and they can at times be helpful.

Many assumptions, though, just get in the way.

When you assume that a task will be difficult, you will likely make it even more difficult than it otherwise would have been.

When you assume that something will be easy, that can lead to needless frustration and dismay when unexpected challenges arrive.

Instead of putting your energy into making assumptions, put that energy into being fully aware.

Pull away the mask of your assumptions, and there is much you will suddenly be able to see.

Rather than assuming what you will find around the next bend, make the journey and experience what is really there.

Instead of assuming how someone will be, make the effort to truly get to know that person.

When you assume, realize full well that you are doing it.

And know that you could indeed be wrong. Sometimes you may have to look beyond them and find the value in what is really there.

Are there assumptions you hold that could be holding you back?


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