Friday, November 04, 2005

Make a place in your heart

Give joy a place to dwell in you and it will fill that space.

Set aside time for sincere, simple enjoyment of life, and enjoyment will surely fill that time.

When you make a place for something in your life, you create a powerful, authentic intention.

And whatever you make a place for, will surely soon arrive.

Make room in your schedule for the actions that lead to achievement, and that achievement will be yours.

Make a place in your heart for love, and love will come to fill it.

Devote a portion of your thoughts to learning something new, and the knowledge you seek will fill your mind.

Open yourself to beauty,and beauty will fill your day.

Fulfillment, achievement, peace, love and joy all need a place to happen.

Welcome them into the space you provide.

Give the good things in life a place to live.

And they will find a home in you.

Won't you make a place in your heart for the good things in life?


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