Thursday, November 10, 2005

Pursuit of success

In your pursuit for success, every day you become more aware of your abilities and recognize that opportunities to stretch your capabilities are limitless.

You desire change, growth, and challenge, and a healthy self-esteem provides the energy.

You learn to have more than goals, and have a vision of what your life will mean to youself and others.

You do not live in the future. Instead you make sure each step taken in the present keeps you on the road toward your life goal.

Most of the time you learn to say these things:

I am motivated and have a mission with realistic and measurable goals.

I accept complete responsibility for everything I think, say, feel, and do.

I look for the window of opportunity in every situation and know that I will learn from every experience if I choose.

I always help others to do their best, and I encourage everyone to contribute something.

I correct my course when I reach an obstacle. This way, when things go wrong, I am still headed in the right direction.

I expect and appreciate change. It does not overwhelm me because I am prepared.

I stand up for my own opinions and values and respect others.

I am able to manage myself. I do not require instruction every step of the way.

I am not afraid of making mistakes or of taking reasonable risks.

I am my own coach. I engage in positive self-talk and rehearsal.

I am a life-long student. I am always ready to learn, and I know growth takes sustained effort.

I know myself well and still expect to find hidden talents, resources, strengths, weaknesses, energy, and interests.

I respect reality both pleasant and painful.

I engage in self-confrontation and do not blame others.

I readily forgive others and myself and correct mistakes when possible.

I am patient, kind, gentle, and compassionate with myself.

I have no need to prove I am better or worse than anybody else.

Do you have such a vision statement that you can recite each day towards achieving success?