Saturday, November 12, 2005

You can imagine it

Your imagination cannot instantly change things in the physical world around you, yet it can do something even more powerful.

It can change you, your attitude, your energy level, your focusand the way you feel.

If you imagine that you are feeling tired, weary, heavy and drained, you will soon start to feel exactly that way.

If you imagine that you are feeling enthusiastic, energetic, joyful and confident, you will quickly start to truly feel all those positive things.

It would be a mistake to live your whole life only in your imagination.

It would also be a mistake to go through each day without connecting to your imagination at all.

There is no limit to what you can imagine.

When you nurture your imagination, it can help you discover very real and workable ways to move forward in a world filled with challenges and constraints.

Once you imagine something, you make it possible for you.

And your imagination then goes to work, helping you find ways to make it real.

When it seems that circumstances and events have you locked in place, set your imagination free to roam where it will.

Won't you just imagine it, and you will start a positive momentum that can take you far?


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